Thanksgiving in Paris is Possible

Thanksgiving is a holiday that gathers together the whole family – from youngest to eldest. Yet, this is in America. Parisians do not normally celebrate Thanksgiving. Many of them do not even have much information about the holiday. Anyhow, if you happened to be in Paris during Thanksgiving and you really want to celebrate it, there is good news for you – it is quite possible. Of course, if you are used to noisy and great celebrations –Thanksgiving in Paris may be a little modest for you. Still, the celebration in Paris will certainly be unforgettable.

Parisian Thanksgiving dinner

The most important part of Thanksgiving is, perhaps, the preparation of Turkey. In Paris Turkey can be found almost in every supermarket. Bear in mind that in Paris you will be unable to find a big Turkey. Turkeys here are smaller than in America, but very tasty.
It is a little tricky to find American groceries in Paris. To do this you will have to spend a little time. If you intend to cook a real traditional Thanksgiving dinner, it is more likely that you will find all the necessary ingredients at The Real McCoy Café. You can find everything you wish to have a beautiful and tasty Thanksgiving – from cranberry sauce to pumpkin Pie filling.

Traditional Thanksgiving in the restaurants of Paris

If you are in a short stay in Paris, it is probably more convenient to celebrate Thanksgiving in a cozy restaurant rather than at home. There are a few options to spend an original Parisian Thanksgiving. 

Treize is an American bakery/restaurant that serves tasty and unique American food. Here you will be served a special traditional Thanksgiving cocktail and dinner.
The next option of spending a warm Thanksgiving evening in a cold November Paris is O Chateau wine bar. Here you will have a chance to mix the happy Thanksgiving atmosphere with the unique taste of wine and Champagne. 

Joe Allen restaurant is one of the oldest American restaurants in Paris. In years it has developed wonderful traditions of celebrating Thanksgiving in a descent manner. 

Hard Rock Café is another great place for Thanksgiving celebrations. Here you can eat a tasty meal just the way you are used to have it – turkey stuffed with chestnut, mashed potatoes, delicious pumpkin pie. Can it be tastier?

Thanksgiving is special in Paris

Thanksgiving, as any other day, is special in Paris. Though there are no special and traditional celebrations in Paris, you will surely make your Thanksgiving different and original in Paris – filled with many new and exciting emotions. It is surely worth trying!

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