The Incredible Treasure of the Magpie of Versailles

1131 pieces of coines were discovered by a lumberjack in a branch

Amazing discoveries are made at Louis XIV’s castle, like those 1131 coins, probably accumulated by a magpie … found recently by pruning a branch.

Would Uncle Scrooge be satisfied?  Perhaps.  It is in any case at the Palace of Versailles that the “richest duck in the world” of Walt Disney could round off its imposing fortune with a new pile of coins.  The adventure that occurred to a woodcutter in the castle of Versailles, a week or so ago, makes this fable believe.

This professional is responsible for pruning a troublesome branch of a tree on the side of the Fontenay alley, close to the Étoile Royale.  Suddenly, he sees some coins fall.  Not enough to pay a trip to the end of the world because it is only a few cents.  But, surprised, he warns a guard.  “They probably came from a magpie’s nest but the bird did not leave a message to say how many trips he had made to deposit as many pieces on this branch.  Me, I counted exactly 1 131, “fun Frederic, the supervisor of the field who, however, did not calculate how much was the amount of money.

Cleptomaniacal addictions

The anecdote will not arrange the reputation of magpies, famous for their kleptomaniac addictions.  According to Kim Dallet of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), “it is very possible” that they are actually the cause of this pile of money.  “Without knowing why, the magpie loves to bring objects to its nest,” she says.  This is not unusual because she is very curious.”

In the park of the Palace of Versailles frequented by millions of tourists each year, the fountains are full of red coins thrown by the visitors in the hope of seeing a wish fulfilled: a booty of choice for the magpies of the historic site.

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