Visiting the Normandy Beaches from Paris

If you want to gain more information about the history of the Second World War then Normandy beaches are the best destination. Day by day the number of tourists visiting this site increases. Normandy beaches give an exceptional opportunity to turn the pages of the history of the Allied landings. The latter seems to symbolise the Second World War.

It’s high time to examine the phenomenal nature and essence of Normandy D-Day Beaches. Finally, let’s discover the history of the Second World War behind Normandy Beaches.

The History of Normandy Beaches

The D-Day landings played a crucial role in the process of liberating Europe from the rule of Germany. There are several reasons for choosing exactly Normandy coast.

First of all, it was a convenient place for massive invasion. It was also a well-planned and carefully arranged strategy intending to disapprove the expectations of the German military. Although the plan was kept in secret still German army strengthened the Normandy coast by building military defenses. Some preliminary plans of the Allies intended to break the German lines apart were unsuccessful. One of the barriers was bad weather. 6th June was the start of the D-Day Landings. Utah, Sword, Juno, Gold and Omaha were the 5 sectors separated by the Allies. The D-Day was a day of victory and sacrifice. Many people surrendered their lives. The memory of those who fought proudly and devoted their lives will always be bright as there are many museums and cemeteries devoted to the memory of victims. 

Sword Beach

Initially, there was no intention to make Sword Beach a part of this operation. In spite of the existing hardships, the Allies succeeded in taking numerous parts of this area. But the fact that Germans remained in Caen made the situation tough. It was a great disappointment.

Juno Beach

Several areas of Juno Beach were under the control of British forces. In this regard, Canadian forces played a great role. The influence of Germans was almost insignificant in this area.

Gold Beach

Gold Beach is considered to be a historic area. Here, the movements of the Allies were highly productive. The D-Day was eventful for this area. The Allies reached their goal.

Omaha Beach

Many people were hurt and killed here. It is considered to be an area of loss and fatality. The impact of the Germans was huge and the American soldiers were the target. Nevertheless, in the end, the American soldiers advanced. There were many accomplishments but the loss was overwhelming. 3,000 people were hurt and killed. 

Utah Beach

Utah Beach is especially outstanding for its large marshlands which drew lines between other areas. Although the situation in this area was confusing still the Allies took control of it. 

The historical significance of Normandy beaches is great. Private tours of Normandy beaches will open the doors of history in front of you and bring a flood of emotions.

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